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currency. Venezuela's access to Mercosur must be approved by the parliaments of Mercosur's member states, and a unanimous agreement by them is a must. Government sources from Par


arthquake at 7.0magnitude. There was no threat of a "widespread destructive tsunami," the Alaska Tsunami Warning Center said. SAN JOSE, July 8 (Xinhua) -- Three out of every five C.


act and not comparable to the issue of health insurance. He added that residents of Massachusetts are required by law to carry health insurance. "It's largely another way of repres.


, features more than 50 original life-size photos of firefighters and other uniformed rescuers, families of victims, survivors, shot in the immediate aftermath of 9/11, as well as.


ntury enemy. That shift away from conventional warfare -- two large, state-backed forces clashing on an open battlefield -- has been ongoing since U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Ga.

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derivatives as foremost among the challenges of international cooperation on financial reforms. Derivatives trading, which was mostly unregulated, was considered a major threat to.

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Wednesday. The poll results showed Obama leads GOP front-runner Mitt Romney with 49 percent to 42, and Rick Santorum 50 percent to 37. In Ohio, the president leads Romney 47 perc.

crupulous, unethical immigration and citizenship agents posing as bona fide consultants" will sell people advice "on how to scam the Canadian system" and "typically coach people .

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